CPU Elementary Library holds Fire Prevention and Safety Activity

In line with the recognition and observance of the Fire Prevention Month last March, the CPU Elementary School Library, in coordination with the CPU Elementary School Department conducted an activity for the CPUES pupils entitled “Big or Small, Fire Safety is for All: An Online Orientation on Fire Prevention and Safety,” last March 25, 2022.

FO3 Elaine Joy Eduardo, Public Information Officer of the Iloilo City Fire Station served as the guest speaker. She discussed the different classes of fire, fire safety rules, the importance of STOP, DROP, and ROLL, and emergency numbers that the pupils can easily remember and contact. An open forum followed the presentation and pupils from different grade levels eagerly asked questions which the speaker graciously answered. CPUES Principal Prof. Janet Jaco welcomed all the participants, while University Libraries Director Prof. Cynthia Peleña gave the closing remarks.

The said orientation, which aimed at raising the pupils’ awareness about fire prevention and safety, is part of the Programs and Activities of the CPUES Library for the school year 2021-2022.

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