Library Services

Reference Services

  • Agriculture Pamphlets
  • Vertical Files (General and Special Collections)
  • Centraliana
  • Filipiniana
  • Meyer Asian Collection
  • American Corner
  • Maps
  • Picture, Poster and Chart Files
  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Internet Access

  • Email
  • Research

General Circulation and Reserve

  • Loans
  • Interlibrary Services
  • ID/LC Issuance (New Application/Renewal every semester)
  • Library Clearances

Special Collections

  • Centraliana
  • Demographic Collection
  • Filipiniana
  • Jelliffe Collection
  • Children’s Literature
  • Collection (shelved at the Elem. Library)
  • Meyer Asian Collection
  • Recipe Collection
  • Newspaper Collection (Usage is for Reference Use Only except for Demographic Collection)

American Corner

  • Periodicals
  • Video recordings available for showing
  • Two weeks Circulation for books except Reference Books

Technical Services

  • Acquisition Indexing
  • Cataloging Binding

Display and Exhibit

  • New Acquisition
  • Special Collections

Library Publication

New Acquisitions; Bibliography of ready for use books.

Photocopying Services

First Floor

Library Orientation Services

First semester every school year upon request of faculty or group any time within library hours.


Circulation Books: Students can borrow for two weeks (subject to change), while faculty members can borrow for a semester but may be recalled for Reserve or textbook use.


Reference Books: The use is limited within the library only. Teachers may charge out materials for classroom use according to need upon approval by Director of Libraries or the designated librarian on duty.


Reserve Books: Only one book can be borrowed within one period; renewable for another hour and may be borrowed during noon break or overnight.


Periodicals: All bound and unbound are for Reference use only. May be requested for photocopying.


Theses, Dissertations and Researches are for Reference use only. Photocopying of any parts is not allowed.


Filipiniana Books: Filipiniana books are for Reference use only. Photocopying of rare materials is not allowed. Books borrowed by the user may be recalled if there are other users who may request for them.


For Theology, High School and Elementary Libraries’ rules and regulations, see the Department Librarians.


Fines are charged for materials not returned on due date. For College and High School Students a fine of one peso (P1.00) per day is charged for Circulation book. For College and Post Graduate an overdue fine on Reserve book is (P1.00) for the first hour, five pesos (P5.00) for the succeeding hour and fifty pesos (P50.00) for one day (8 hours).


Library loan privileges of students, who have been delinquent on Reserve loans for more than three times, shall be suspended for the semester.


Any damage to or loss of library materials is the responsibility of the borrower who will be required to replace the material/s or pay the full current cost of replacement/s.

Courtesy in the Library

Bags, briefcases, attaché cases, umbrellas, large envelopes, and folders, personal books not needed for study should be deposited at the depository counter at the ground floor.


All materials borrowed from the library must be presented for inspection to the authorized library staff or library student assistant at the control desk.


Books need not to be shelved after use by the user. These should be placed on the table for library assistants to check.


Smoking and eatingare prohibited inside the library


Be considerate with fellow library users. Refrain from making unnecessary or disturbing noise or loud conversation.


Chairs and tables should not be dragged from one place to another.

UN/FAO and World War II Documents

*For Reference Use Only, Photocopying is allowed.


*For Reference Use Only, Photocopying is allowed.

Music Collection

*For Reference Use Only, Photocopying is allowed.


*For Reference Use Only.

Monday – *Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City 5000

(033) 329-19-71 local 1011

*The Circulation section is the only area accessible, designated solely for studying.