Mission/Vision & Objectives

“A modern University Library committed to the achievement of the Institution’s vision of Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL) through its user-oriented service and state-of-the-art library technologies.”

Library Objectives

Statement of Purpose

The aim of the library is to provide materials and other reading aids in consonance with the aim of the University which is to provide well-rounded education by developing students spiritually intellectually, and physically, to the end that they may become free and creative citizens in an open society. To accomplish this purpose, the University seeks to provide the students with a stimulating atmosphere permeated by the Spirit of the Great Teacher and expressed in an educational program and encourages intensive search for truth and knowledge and unhampered by fear or prejudice.

Specific Library Objectives

The University Library in order to carry on the above Statement of Purpose and General Objectives of the University hereby states its specific objectives which are:

  • To assemble, preserve and administer an organized collection, etc. in order to produce through the collection and the communication of ideas in order to enlighten the studentry.
  • To serve the information need of the University – and if possible beyond – to the fullest extent possible.
  • To serve the University as well as the community as a center of reliable information.
  • To provide a place where inquiring minds may encounter the original, sometimes the unorthodox and critical ideas to necessitate correctiveness and stimulant in an academic community that depends on its survival competition in ideas.
  • To support education, social, civic, and cultural activities as an individual or as a group through the use of library resources.
  • To provide opportunity and encourage educational advancement continuously through research.
  • To seek continually, to identify academic needs and for service to meet such needs.

Monday – *Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City 5000


(033) 329-19-71 local 1011

*The Circulation section is the only area accessible, designated solely for studying.