Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I contact the library?
E-mail for information inquiries:
Phone and E-mail to contact individual staff or librarians: See Library Sections page
If you are on Facebook, you can Chat Bertha via the Facebook page CPU Henry Luce III Library.

How can I look for a book?
You can search our online public access catalog at to check our collections. This catalog is open for public, there is no need for login details.

What are the available online resources?
Go to the Library Online Resources page for the list of paid (subscribed) online resources available for Centralians.

For online resources by subject and open access (free) materials by subject, check out the Library Guides at (currently being updated).

How can I access online resources?
Some resources require a username and password. Contact us via e-mail or Chat Bertha for log-in details and procedures. We may require your ID number, college, and a screenshot of your mySOS account or a scan of your RF so we can confirm that you are officially enrolled for the current semester.

How can I register for eLibraryUSA?
Please go to this link and fill out the registration form. American Spaces will provide you with your log-in details via e-mail:
Note: Non-Centralians are can also register an account

How can I log in ProQuest?
ProQuest login details are based on your college. Make sure you are an enrolled student. Contact us via e-mail or Chat Bertha on Facebook. Once you have your log-in details, log in at

Are you open to outside researchers?
We are currently closed to the public but we can assist you. Just chat or e-mail Bertha. We offer scanning services for external researchers with a fee (details TBA).

COVID-19 Concerns

Is the library open now?
We are currently closed to the public, but CPU faculty can enter the library for research purposes. Students, however, are not allowed in the premises as of the moment.

Can I borrow a book?
Currently, only faculty are allowed to borrow books due to restrictions in the university. You can search our online resources linked on our website, You can also search our collections at to know what books are available.

In lieu of borrowing, we offer Scanning Services.

How can I have a book scanned?
First, kindly search our online catalog to check if the book you are looking for is available. If it is available, you can request for scanning. Kindly provide us your:
– ID number and College
– CPU E-mail address
– A scan of your RF or screenshot of mySOS account

We will first send you the Table of Contents of the book so you can select pages you want to have scanned. According to our scanning policy, we can only scan 20% of the total pages of the book (this is to follow copyright laws and fair use).

I have unreturned books that I could not return due to lockdown. Do I have to pay fines?
Library fines are waived since the start of the lockdown in Iloilo City (March 14, 2020). However, students and faculty with unreturned books are encouraged to return the books if possible to avoid the blocking of your student accounts. Chat Bertha or contact our Circulation Librarian if you would like to return books.

Last updated January 19, 2021