Webinar: Creating Virtual Reference Service

Last June 5, 2020 (Friday), CPU Librarians had a training and webinar on Creating Virtual Reference Service. Though originally an in-house training, many expressed interest in joining and it was opened for the public. There were more than 400 participants in the webinar. This webinar was held in partnership with Regalo Touching Lives.

Due to COVID-19 and schools shifting to online learning, libraries are also called to improve online services to reach their clients.The resource speaker was Paschalia Terzi, Instruction Librarian at Georgetown University in Doha, Qatar. She talked about her experience in creating virtual reference services, best practices, and tips for libraries.

Poster for the webinar

After the webinar, the librarians had their training for the library’s virtual reference service (to be announced soon) with Dr. Reysa Alenzuela. However, we could only accommodate a set number of people. We will have more webinars on interesting topics soon, so stay tuned.

View the webinar recording below: