Just My Type Event Takes Students on a Nostalgic Journey this Valentine’s Day

The Just My Type activity at Henry Luce III Library, Central Philippine University, held last February 14, 2024, for Valentine’s Day, didn’t merely captivate the tech-savvy Generation Z; it resonated deeply across all age groups, creating a shared wave of nostalgia for the classic era of typewriters. Led by Prof. Vince Ervin Palcullo and a dedicated team of librarians, including Ms. Donna Rivera, Ms. Via Marie Dumenden, Ms. Chilou Batoon, Ms. Rona Mae Soriano, Ms. Alysa Japitana, and Ms. Lyla Gonzaga, the event became a heartwarming journey through time, attracting not only the younger crowd but also older generations eager to relive the charm of typewriting. 

Through the support of Prof. Cynthia Pelena, the Library Director, the event transformed the library into a space where the clattering of typewriter keys became a symphony that bridged generational gaps. This collective experience created a sense of unity through the shared act of typewriting. 

As typewriters rhythmically clacked away, the library buzzed with conversations transcending decades. Older participants shared tales of their first typewriters and their unique challenges, while younger attendees marveled at the simplicity and character of this vintage form of communication. 

The Just My Type activity showcased its educational value and served as a powerful tool for community building. In an age dominated by digital communication, the allure of typewriters managed to captivate hearts across all ages, proving that sometimes, the most effective bridge between generations is a nostalgic journey down memory lane. 

Throughout the activity, the library echoed with laughter and shared stories and the rhythmic melody of typewriters. The success of Just My Type lies not just in its ability to connect individuals with the past but in fostering a sense of unity among generations, creating enduring memories far beyond the clatter of typewriter keys.