Hinilawod Epic Chant Recordings Secured in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Registry

In a historic announcement today, May 8, 2024, the HINILAWOD EPIC CHANT RECORDINGS has been officially inscribed on the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) Regional Register during the 10th MOWCAP General Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 

Preserved for posterity, these remarkable recordings find their home at the Central Philippine University’s Henry Luce III Library. Dr. Felipe Landa Jocano, a distinguished alumnus of CPU, meticulously captured these cultural treasures in audio format using a magnetic tape recorder. His collaboration with the Panay Bukidnon epic chanters “Ulang Udig” from Lambunao, Iloilo, and Narcisa “Hugan-an” Lingaya of Tapaz, Capiz, from 1956 to 1957, immortalized the essence of the Hinilawod Epics. 

Rooted in the oral traditions of the Sulod, now known as Panay Bukidnon, these epics intricately weave a vibrant narrative tapestry, offering profound insights into the cultural ethos, beliefs, and folk history of the Visayan people in Panay Island, Philippines. The recordings not only commemorate the intricacies of human memory but also resonate with the timeless allure of their melodious voices, echoing through the ages. 

This milestone achievement stands as a testament to the dedicated efforts of the team behind the nomination, whose unwavering commitment and hard work paved the way for this remarkable success. Let us collectively celebrate these invaluable treasures of our heritage as they continue to enrich our cultural legacy. 

Under the leadership of Asst. Prof. Jocano Jr., the team’s unwavering dedication and determination have propelled them to success. Their commitment to preserving our cultural legacy is a testament to their passion and dedication. 

Alongside the HINILAWOD EPIC CHANT RECORDINGS, the DOCTRINA CHRISTIANA EN LENGUA ESPAÑOLA Y TAGALA has also earned its place in the esteemed Memory of the World. 

Photo credits: 
UNESCO-Philippines National Commission