Library Departments/Facilities

Henry Luce III Library (Main Library)
Technical Services:
Acquisition Section
Workroom (End Processing Section)

Reader’s Services:
Reference and Bibliography Section
Graduate Studies Section
Circulation/Reserve Section
Theology Library
Special Collections Section
Filipiniana Collection
United Nations & Food and Agriculture Organization Section
Meyer Asian Collection
Archives Section
Elizabeth Knox Sacred Music

Department Libraries
Elementary School Library
High School Library
Law Library

Conference Room (First floor, Southwest)
For lecture – 50 to 80 persons
For Seminar/Workshop – 30 to 40 persons

Conference Room (Fourth floor, Southwest)
For lecture – 80 to 150 persons
For Seminar/Workshop – 50 to 80 persons

Exhibit Area
First Floor – Lobby and Graduate studies area
Second Floor – Lobby
Third Floor – Lobby
Fourth Floor – Gallery
Study Carrels
First to Third Floor Reading Area