Henry Luce III Library joins ATESEA for Online Training of Myanmar Theological Librarians

CPU Henry Luce III Library joins ATESEA (Association of Theological Schools in Southeast Asia) online training on Developing Online Services for Academic and Research Support in Myanmar held October 13, 2020. This webinar was initiated by ATESEA as a response to the requests of Theological Librarians in Myanmar. There were a total of 61 registered participants, mostly ATESEA members of Theological Libraries in Myanmar.

Ana Mae Cantel, RL, MLIS, faculty for the Library and Information Science (LIS) program served as moderator for the event. Dr. Reysa Alenzuela, Library Consultant and LIS Graduate Studies faculty, also served as speaker and facilitator.

Dr. Limuel Equiña, Executive Director of ATESEA, gave the opening remarks. The program started with the Myanmar Librarians giving an overview of the status of their libraries and their online services during the pandemic.

Dr. Reysa Alenzuela spoke on the Introduction of Virtual Reference Services, administrative aspects, and competencies for managing VRS in libraries.

CPU Librarian Allana Delgado, RL, MLIS, also gave an overview of the Virtual Reference Services (VRS) established by the Henry Luce III Library as an example of how these new services were set up.

The participants were divided into groups by their institutions and they brainstormed on how to set up their own library online services. They presented their proposals on what new services and improvements they can do in their libraries.

The last topic of the webinar was “Familiarization with Theological Resources as Starting Point for Data Curation” with Dr. Reysa Alenzuela.

Resty Galido, the Library’s IT specialist, assisted in the webinar.