Webinar: Copytalk, copyright for academics

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This July 3, Friday, at 1:30 PM, the library will be hosting its 3rd webinar in partnership with the San Sebastian College – Recoletos Manila Graduate School of Law. The theme will be “Copytalk: A Webinar on Copyright for academics.”

In this webinar, a panel of experts in intellectual property and copyright will discuss the implications to the new learning environment the copyright issues on access, reproduction, and sharing of scanned copies of books, book chapters, articles, or even multimedia resources. Ebooks and other e-resources also have restrictions to be dealt with. Dealing with copyright when everything goes digital for libraries, colleges and universities is an important issue to be dealt with in the online platform.

To participate, register through this link – https://bit.ly/37Vo8fF .

A recording of the webinar will also be available after the presentation.

These are the topics and speakers for the webinar:

Intellectual Property and Scholarly Works
Director Emerson G. Cuyo
Bureau of Copyright and Related Rights
Intellectual Property Office – Philippines

Copyright in the Philippine Academe: Legal Issues and Remedies
Dean Rodel Taton, LLM, DCL
Dean, San Sebastian College – Recoletos Manila Graduate School of Law

Copyright in the Classroom Teaching: Library Perspectives
Dr. Shri Ram
Deputy Librarian
Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology Patiala
Punjab, India

Full poster for the webinar

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