Rosemarie M. Canson, RL, MLIS

Rosemarie M. Canson, RL, MLIS
Elementary School Librarian

Subject Librarian: Elementary Department
Number: local 3234
Office: Elementary School Library, Elementary School Building 1st floor

Rosemarie or Rose, as she is fondly called by her friends and colleagues, is a strong woman who has survived many challenges in life. This molded her to be a confident, straightforward, and unconditionally loving woman. She graduated Master in Library and Information Science with specialization in Library and Archives Management in 2004. She earned her Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in Library Science from West Visayas State University in 1999. Her research inclinations are with library and archives systems development. Rosemarie firmly believes that being true to yourself can help you in achieving your goals. Arts and crafts, farming, and traveling are the things that ignite her interest. She aspires to travel and explore the splendid beauty of our country. This amazing lady pushes to build a public library as her advocacy.

She is also a faculty for the Library and Information Science program.