Melanie G. Hermano, RL

Melanie G. Hermano, RL
Graduate Studies / Reference Librarian

Subject Librarian: School of Graduate Studies and College of Education
Number: local 1024
Office: Graduate Studies Library, 1st floor HLL

“If you have the courage to try and the faith to believe, there is nothing in life that is hard to achieve”—these are the words that remind Melanie to take on each day with a brave heart. This Registered Librarian finished her Bachelor in Library and Information Science in 1998 and she is now on her way to earning her Master in Library in Information Science. This simple and loving lady finds gardening and cooking great hobbies. She is a mom to her unico hijo, and she wants to travel and lay her eyes on the beauty and diversity our world has to offer.

She is also a faculty for the subject National Service Training Program – Civic Welfare Training Service (NSTP-CWTS).